Redwood Children's Center


1445 Hudson St, Redwood City,CA. 94061
Telephone: 650-367-7374

Enrollment Process

Make an appointment with the Director to visit the school. If you decide to enroll, you will be given a packet of papers that include school and state required forms. RCC has an annual materials fee of $150.00 due each September 1st or upon enrollment. The fee is non-refundable and is prorated at $12.50 a month from the date of enrollment. Parents are required to contract for weekly time.


10% multi-sibling discount to full-time enrolled students. Tuition is payable weekly prior to attendance. Absence for any reason (i.e. illness, vacation, holiday) do not preclude charges from accumulating.

Schedules & Weekly Rates
Monday-Friday (Full Day) $335.00
Monday-Friday (Half Day) $305.00 7:30A.M.-12:30P.M.
Mon.-Wed.-Fri. (Full Day) $305.00
Tue.-Thurs. (Full Day) $255.00

$75 Drop in rate for enrolled children.
$30 Diaper/Potty Training fee. Diapers & wipes provided by RCC. This fee will be removed at the discretion of the director.